Book Trailer Reveal & Bonus Reading: The Couple Who Fell to Earth by Michelle Bitting

couple-who-fell-to-earthMichelle Bitting’s latest collection, The Couple Who Fell to Earth, is garnering attention from the Poet Laureate of the United States and others.

These meditations, cosmic-toned, yet utterly visceral, demonstrate Michelle Bitting’s continuing growth and power as a poet of love, loss, the daily and deeply human experience, together with a maturing eye to understanding greater mythological tropes. Woven throughout her contemplation of the terrible beauty and struggle of family dynamics, corporeal desire, the injustices and revelations of life in the 21st century, thrums a vital connectivity to the mystic and mythological strains of the past, newfangled to the present in a way that ultimately sheds light on what it is to be alive and conscious of who we’re called to be.

To read Michelle’s poetry is to take a wild, passionate ride through the rubble of the quotidian, to be shocked by sensual discovery and awakened to a relentless curiosity for both the surreal and historical. These poems travel–an expansion in service of communion with the world, confrontation and acceptance of self.

Join us for her online blog tour this month, chock full of readings and reviews. Get to know Bitting’s style, her humor, and more.

Here she reads “Lupercalia” from the collection, which was published by C&R Press in March 2016:

Please join us and celebrate poetry and Michelle Bitting’s new collection, The Couple Who Fell to Earth.

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The Couple Who Fell to Earth

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